Terms and Conditions

Purchasing Agreement Terms and Conditions

This Purchasing Agreement is between the CUSTOMER and Belle et Blanc Pty. Ltd. (RETAILER). This agreement sets forth the terms and conditions under which you may purchase gown/s and other apparels owned by the Retailer.

Terms and conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to all purchases of wedding gown/s, accessories and apparels from the Retailer.

1. When placing an order, the Customer is making an offer to purchase a product on and subject to the Terms below. Orders are subject to availability and confirmation of price at the time of the purchases. Retailer reserves the right to accept or reject an order for any reason at any time.

2. Made to Measure gowns are produced based on Measurements taken during consultation. Variation up to 2cm may occur during production of gown. In the event the Customer measurements change by more than 2cm, additional fees will occur if alterations are required.

3. All products including the gown, accessories, lace and/or embellishments are individually cut and hand sewn, therefore may vary in size, shape, position or pattern to the photos displayed on the website or the sample on the shop floor.

4. All bridal gowns with lace will be unique and will differ from product to product. The pattern of lace may not be centred or symmetrical to particulars of the gown.

5. Due to the nature of dying fabric, the colour of the product may differ from product to product.

6. Due to the delicate nature of the gowns and its decorations, small amounts may fall out with time, wear and dry-cleaning.

7. Upon ordering, 50% of the cost of gown is required as a deposit. Cost of alterations is to be paid in full before any works are carried out. (If a gown is ordered with alterations, 50% of the cost plus the full cost of alterations is to be paid). Deposit and cost of alterations paid are NOT refundable or transferable to other orders for change of mind. The balance of the order is paid before collection of gown.

8. The Retailer requires a minimum of three months for all orders, starting from the time measurements are taken and deposit/alteration costs are paid in full. All orders less than a 3 months period are subject to additional rush order charges, unless otherwise agreed by both parties.

9. The production time of your gown may vary depending on time of purchase, availability of materials, alteration requirements, postal delays or any other force majeure. The Retailer will endeavour to deliver the order on time; however, will not be responsible for any delays for any reason.

10. Upon final fitting, completed gown/s must be paid in full and collect within two weeks from the date of final fitting, unless otherwise agreed by both parties. The date of the final fitting is set by the Retailer and is subject to appointment availability. (The Customer understands although the Retailer will endeavour to ensure final fitting is close to date of wedding, however it is not guaranteed.)

11. The wedding date provided by the Customer at the time of purchase is used as a guideline for production of gown/s. In the event that the wedding date is moved to an earlier date, (less than 3 months production time) additional rush order charges will apply. In the event that the wedding date is moved to a later date, the previous wedding date set will prevail.

12. All prices quoted by the Retailer are based on Australian Dollars, inclusive of GST where applicable and are subject to change at any time.