5 Common Wedding Day Disasters and How to Avoid Them

Problems with wedding vendors and unhappy brides

Don’t fall victim to these common wedding day disasters! Read our top tips for ensuring your big day runs as smoothly as possible!


Potential Disaster: One of your vendors is nowhere to be seen, or they have called in sick.

How to Avoid: To ensure they know exactly where to be, and what time to be there, employ a member of the bridal party to call them the morning of your Wedding in order to confirm their arrival. Be extra sneaky and ask them to show up 45 minutes before they really need to be there to allow yourself a buffer period for potential traffic disasters or any other hiccups. Moreover, have your vendor say ‘I do’ to an airtight contract. Before you sign anything, interview your pros and ask them things like what their sick day plan is, and carefully read the language in the contract about emergencies that would prevent them from following through with services. Backup plans or strict penalties should be included.


Potential Disaster: You’re shimmying the dress over your thighs when you hear rrrippp.

How to Avoid: Make sure you bring a fashion-emergency kit that includes double sided fashion tape, safety pins, bobby pins (all the pins!) and a mini sewing kit that you have on-hand in the rare instance disaster strikes. Most importantly though, make sure your wedding gown is comfortable from the get-go. Don’t set harsh expectations, like losing twenty kilos in two months, onto yourself. If you choose a gown that is comfy and beautiful from the start, many potential fashion crises may be diverted down the track.


Potential Disaster: The buffet table is looking sparse, and at least three tables are yet to approach it.

How to Avoid: Whilst it may seem like you have enough food, it is always wise to over-order, especially if you are serving food in a buffet capacity. Additionally, having things like late-night snack bars for when your guests get hungry from dancing into the wee hours can additionally work to quell this problem.


Potential Disaster: You’re getting ready, slipping on your wedding dress and the unthinkable happens: You get lipstick, mimosa, pen or another stain on your gown before you’ve even left for the ceremony.

How to Avoid: Have stain-removers  at the ready. Drink beverages from a straw and make sure you do everything you need to do before putting on your gown, except applying lipstick—leave that to the last minute. If worst comes to worst and you really can’t fix it, just breathe. Marrying your partner is the most important part of this day and a stain will never ruin that (and most people probably won’t even notice).


Potential Disaster: You overlook the potential for disruptive noises and activity near your ceremony site. Maybe you’re getting married at a golf club and forgot about the passing golfers, lawn mowers, golf carts and other club members enjoying their meals (read: clanking and chatting) while you say your vows. Now no one can hear your soft-spoken officiant or your brilliantly witty vows.

How to Avoid: Whether indoor or out, always test the acoustics and note the ambient noises of your ceremony site—before your day. If you can, check out the location while there’s another wedding going on to get a true sense of what your event will sound like. Worried about the grounds crew, passing traffic, rough surf or rowdy passersby? Consider using microphones not only for your officiant but for you two (slip mics into the bouquet and boutonniere, for example). But realize there’s only so much you can control, especially if you’re having an outdoor ceremony in a public place. At the end of the day, the most important thing is that you can hear each other and the officiant.


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