5 Top Tips For Proposing To Your Partner

Marriage proposals are special and unique, your proposal to the love of your life will be very different from any other you have seen or heard about before. We are here to guide you and give you the best advice in how to ask the question,

“Will you marry me?”     

 1. How long to wait till you need to propose

When it comes to love, it knows no time. It might be love at first sight, or it might be a love unknown for years.
What needs to be understood with marriage is it is a life-long commitment, not a short-term one. Love is love and will always be love. Before deciding to propose to your partner, you need to take the time to process the decision and ensure you can make a commitment to one person for the rest of your life. You obviously see them in your long-term future but also make sure they see you in their future too. Talk about marriage and set intentions before you get down on one knee. Every love is different, there is no magical number of years you should spend together before asking them to marry you.

       2. What is the most memorable way to propose

The proposal to your beloved is exciting to plan, it shouldn’t be stressful. The benefit you have with preparing your proposal is it is yours, and you know what your partner likes, it doesn’t have to be a daunting process. However, sometimes things don’t go to plan, our Real Bride Jessica shares her proposal story with us below;

Matthew had the ring hidden for over 6 months and was waiting for the right time to propose to Jessica. The first time, her family came over to Australia  from England to visit over Christmas and New Year and Matthew took the ring from Melbourne to Queensland hoping to propose after a scenic plane flight but Jessica unwittingly switched places with one of Matthew’s family members at the last minute and spoilt his plan. Matthew then took the ring to the Grampians and planned on proposing on the balcony at the Grampians but worried he may drop the ring.  Finally, Matthew got his moment when they took a trip to England. Jessica went out for a few drinks with her girlfriends and met Matthew and all of her closest friends and family at a local live music night at a social club she had grown up at. After the interval Matthew took hold of the microphone, introduced himself to the room full of people and called Jessica up to the stage to propose in front of some of their nearest and dearest. Despite the number of people, it was very personal and intimate and so lovely that Matthew proposed her home town where the romance began.

       3. What to say while proposing

The recipe for a perfect proposal comes down to the love you express, to the gratitude you show. Depending on the relationship, you might even add humour. It’s all about making him/her feel truly special. Add your personality, your memories and your jokes to make it authentic to your relationship.When you’re planning a proposal, an important step is choosing exactly how you will express your love. The key to a memorable proposal is the words you say, not because they are scripted – but because they are authentic and come from your heart.

      4. Which knee is the right knee to propose on

The exact formula for kneeling when proposing is not set in stone, you can make your destiny and go with what feels right on the occasion, just focus on the moment, not the technique. Breathe, get down on one knee, face your partner and have the ring facing them. Emotions will be high, you’ll feel a mixture of admiration, love and nerves but try to take in this moment, these are ones that will last a lifetime.

     5. Can I propose without a ring

You might be ready to propose to your partner but don’t have a ring, don’t fear, a proposal without a ring can still be special and convey all your love and affection. A ring can symbolise engagement, however, when the time is right, don’t let the absence of a ring get in the way of the perfect moment in your relationship. You can choose the perfect ring together after you have proposed. This is a great option because the custom-designed ring will be a beautiful piece you have both designed together.


Proposing To Your Partner