Bridal Shop Sydney Road

Finding The Perfect Bridal Shop For You

With all the bridal shops on Sydney Road, it can be challenging to choose the right one. At Belle et Blanc we make it easy with complete customisation options and staff members you can trust. We’ll help guide you through every step from fittings to pick up. Our feminine cuts will leave you feeling like the queen you are on your special day. When you get a Belle et Blanc dress, you know you’re ordering from the best.

Common Mistakes People Make Regarding Buying a Wedding Dress

Finding a wedding dress may be one of the most important shopping sprees of your life. Avoid these errors to make it go more smoothly.

  • Insisting on specific sizes: Too many women, the dress size is a precious number. We hold on to it like treasure and can defend it fiercely when questioned, but in the world of wedding dresses, it’s often best to leave it behind. Wedding finery is a classification all its own, and they rarely fit the same way. Instead of insisting on a specific size, trust in your consultant to bring you the right variety of options. Put aside the numbers and focus on the individual fit.
  • Not ordering early enough: The dress is a centrepiece of the entire wedding, and it’s essential to allow yourself enough time to find it. Most people start looking at least six months before the wedding date, but you can begin even earlier. You’ll be able to view as many dresses as possible before deciding which one past fits your theme and personality.
  • Settling for something ordinary: Your dress should be as unique as you. Rather than going into any dress store and purchasing a cookie-cutter dress, you can find a boutique that will help you customise for that distinct look. Even if it’s a simple lace addition or ahem change, you should feel comfortable making changes so you can look back and remember that you had the perfect dress for you.

“The most important thing is your happiness. Never pick a dress that isn’t what you want.”

What Makes Belle et Blanc Unique?

Our location offers a variety of services to help make your day spectacular.

  • Alterations available: Everybody is different, and with the help of tailor services, your dress can fit you like a glove. We offer alterations and made-to-measure dresses, so you don’t have to find another location. With a variety of add-on and customisation options, we make your dream and make it a reality.
  • Personalised consultations: This is your special day, and we take the time to ensure your dress appointment is special too. Our consultation appointments ensure our staff helps you with every detail.
  • Excellent customer service: Preparing for your big day can be as fun as it is stressful. Our staff members go the extra mile to ensure you are comfortable during your visit so you can have a relaxing shopping experience.

What You Can Expect From Us

Our vows are simple: transparency, good service, and an elite experience.

  • All in-store services: While online ordering is the future of many fields, we don’t think this includes wedding dresses. You can’t discover the fit or feel of a dress through a screen which is why all our options are available in-store only.
  • Deposit on orders: With a purchase such as this, it’s important to put down a deposit. Belle et Blanc requires a 50% deposit on order and the rest paid when you pick it up. This payment structure makes it easier to spread out the cost while ensuring your dress is ordered and reserved.
  • A variety of styles: We focus on the feminine form and carry six main dress shapes: A-line, fit and flare, ball gown, mermaid, sheath, and princess. You will be able to choose from the finest available fabrics and adjust your cut to fit your vision of the perfect gown.

What Makes Belle et Blanc the Best Choice for You

We carry only the most elegant dresses, in both made-to-order and pre-sized cuts. Our staff works with you every step of the way to ensure you are happy with your order. With accessories and quality fabric choices available, there is something for every bride. Don’t wait! Schedule your consultation at the best bridal shop in Brunswick today to get started.