Elana & Steven

Elana and Steven finally tied the knot on the 5th June 2022, after five postponements over a two year period due to Covid. They were married at the picturesque Potter’s Receptions, a charming wedding venue sprawled across 6 acres of native Australian gardens, sitting at the gateway to the Yarra Valley.

Every proposal story is different and not always done in the traditional sense, but each story is unique and special to the couple. Elana tells us, “We don’t really have a proposal story; by the time we had got engaged, we had been together for 7 years since we were 18 years old. We wanted to finish university and buy a house before we got married. Then we looked for rings together and just took it step by step. I guess what I love about it, is we always talk things through and we always make decisions together.”

The wedding day was such a special day for both Elana and Steven and they felt so blessed the day has finally arrived after so many postponements. Elana tells us, “I honestly felt relieved and elated. We had spent two years postponing the wedding and we got married on the eve of our 11 year anniversary. So it felt amazing to finally get married. And once those chapel doors opened it was like I was walking on clouds. I know it’s cliched, but I genuinely have never been happier in my life. I felt like everything had culminated in that moment and when it happened, I don’t think I’ve ever felt so elated.” Every bride dreads the thought of rain on her wedding day, but Elana managed to find sun amongst the clouds so to speak, Elana tells us, “It poured with rain on our wedding day! We got absolutely drenched during our photos and we had so much fun with it. We got photos in the pouring rain, and were laughing the whole time.”

Belle et Blanc bride ‘Elana came into our bridal store and picked out the stunning ‘Sandy’ wedding dress, a gorgeous princess gown with romantic flowing tulle and lattice lace appliqué detailing. Elana tells us,“ My last stop of the day was Belle et Blanc and from the moment I walked in I felt cared for. The staff were amazing and made the whole experience a dream. I had absolutely no idea what I wanted, so I was open to different styles. Then I put on the Sandy dress and I had that moment; I walked out to my bridesmaids and said “I feel like a princess.” And that was that!”

On her wedding day, Elana tells us how she felt in her gown and we hope every bride can feel this way. “Honestly I felt like a princess and I had a few people say I looked like one! It was an absolute dream. It fit perfectly and never felt like it was going to slip or like it was digging into me. On the day I felt so nervous, but looking in the mirror, I felt like I was living the dream. I bought my gown three years before the day we got married because of Covid postponements, but I loved it the whole way through. And looking at my photos I am still in awe of how beautiful it is.”

We are so thankful to Elana and Steven, and feel so honoured Elana picked Belle et Blanc to be part of their day, and we absolutely love the photographs.