Elizabeth & Jonathan

Bride & Groom: Elizabeth & Jonathan

Wedding Date: 23 May 2015

Do you have a Proposal Story?: It was a Friday night and Jonathan had had the entire week off work but he had told me they were annual leave days etc., so I really was not suspicious as that happens a lot. Friday morning Jonathan was up at the crack of dawn making a beautiful cake that was apparently for his granny whom he was planning on visiting that day…again not strange to me, although it was very early to be baking! Anyway, I got home from work Friday afternoon and my Saint Bernard, Fergus, greeted me at the front door with his swiss brandy barrel around his neck with a note attached..”Champagne?” is what it said… I walked in to find fairy lights everywhere..in the trees in backyard even..

Jonathan was upstairs and said come up. I went up to find a carpet picnic with a dozen oysters (flown in from south Australia!) and a beautiful handmade menu beside them.. I picked up the menu only to find Jonathan had hand prepared a 12 course amazing banquet. all our favourite foods with all our favourite matching wines…even dessert wines…Each course had a memory attached to it..like a vineyard we have visited etc The thing that really made me believe this was all happening was the quote Jonathan had put at the bottom of the menu (as he hadn’t asked me yet so I still wasn’t sure!) He had written my favourite line from one of my favourite old (very girly) movies…Sweet Home Alabama… Its when Reece Witherspoon and her little boyfriend are really young at the start of the movie and he keeps asking her to marry him and she says (in that southern drawl accent!), “Why do you wanna marry me for anyway?”….and he says back to her, “So I can kiss you anytime I want.” He had just written that one line from the little boy and after I read that it all became a reality…I looked up and Jonathan was down on one knee..and the rest is history!

Reception Venue: St Patrick’s Catholic Church in Port Fairy

Florist: Functions 2 Flowers in Warrnambool.. Our florist Sue Swayn did not only provide my favourite flowers (Queen of the Night tulips), but she went over and beyond her call of duty. She ran around setting our venue up, delivering all the flowers on the day of wedding, and just basically got Jonathan and I organised and into gear!

Wedding Theme: We didn’t really have a proper theme… I guess it was an elegant rustic wedding… We definitely incorporated Autumn colours as I have always loved Autumn time..hence why we got married in the Autumn. Jonathan’s Godmother drew a gorgeous picture of Autumn leaves which we had as the main feature on our invites, and menus.

How did you come across Belle et Blanc Bridal Boutique?: My mum actually stumbled across the bridal shop website online… She texted me a picture of the dress that I wore on my wedding day and I just thought it was so unique and stunning at the same time. I didn’t want strapless and I love the high neck…My elder sister claimed that I looked like a ‘Russian Princess!!”…which was fine with me! My sister and her daughter also got their beautiful dresses from Belle et Blanc… They were the most beautiful maid of honour and teeny tiny flower girl!

Congratulations to our beautiful bride Elizabeth & her new Hubby Jonathan! Elizabeth purchased a gown with intricate hand beading. A two piece Ball Gown Wedding dress made to measure. (Bridesmaid dress also by Belle et Blanc Bridal Boutique). Heartfelt congratulations to a very special couple, we wish you lots of love and happiness in years to come and always may God shower his blessings to you forever.

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