First Dance Songs

The most memorable part of the night has come and you need to have a heart wrenching first dance song. However, where do you start when there are thousands to choose from…

First, lets head back to the 80s, power ballads, slow soothing love songs. How could you go wrong ? Our top picks would definitely have to be;

Heaven – Bryan Adams.

How could we visit the 80s and not give the boss a mention ? For obvious reasons this is a great pick, how can you not feel like you’re in heaven, being in the arms of the one you love. Looking into each others eyes, that cheeky smile that appears. When it really sinks in that you get to spend the rest of your life with your favourite person.

Endless Love – Lionel Richie & Diana Ross

I mean, its a classic. One of those songs that gives you chills when it starts playing. Today we celebrate the love we share with each other, endlessly. The soothing sounds of Mr Richie and the beautiful tones of Diana Ross, it really is perfect. Just the two of you, swaying not saying a word. Letting these two power houses say it all for you.

Now lets go skip forward to the 90s, it was a much simpler time. Dial up internet, Clueless, movies on video. But most of all some brilliant music.

Amazed – Lonestar

A little bit country, a little bit perfect. The word ‘Amazed’ perfectly sums up how we’re feeling in this moment. This has to be one of the all time most romantic songs. With every word, describing the reasons why you fell in love and how you feel. Gazing at each other and feeling every word, this is one that will truly make you feel so thankful for the person standing in front of you.

All My Life – KC & JoJo

Maybe R’n’B is more your style, this is the one for you. That beautiful piano intro, the slow soothing tones of KC & JoJo, this song really spells out why we fell in love. Its that honeymoon, first falling in love kind of feel. Right now, you are looking into the love of your lifes eyes, being so thankful for what you have found. The love that you dreamed about. Here it is.

In more recent times we’ve also had quiet a few goodies, love is still very much alive in the 2000s. Many things have changed over the years but the one thing that has remained is how we express our love through music.

All Of Me – John Legend

This is a song that he wrote personally for his wife the amazing Chrissy Teigen. John knows how you feel in this moment. A songs about loving all the flaws, acknowledging that no-one is perfect. But in spite of that they are perfect to you. This song is a declaration of unconditional love.

Thinking Out Loud – Ed Sheeran

Everybody’s favourite red head ! Ed Sheeran has multiple beautiful songs that would go amazingly at at any wedding. But this one in particular is special because it is a promise. A promise of unconditional, never fading love. It is a promise that no matter what you will love each other always and forever. What could be more perfect.

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