Handmade bonbonierre gifts are the way to go!

A party favour is always so much better when it has a personal touch. Whether it’s a written note or has the guests name on it, it leaves your friends with fond memories of your special day! Handmade bonbonierre gifts don’t get any better than chocolate! Just about everyone loves an edible bonbonierre gift, and nowadays you can get phenomenal creations that won’t break the bank!Handmade Chocolate

Only Mine is a South Melbourne based handmade chocolate business that specialises in handmade creations. Their hand crafted chocolates are produced with flavour in mind, every time. They don’t pick fancy ingredients to “be different”, the pick the best ingredients for their flavour and let the taste do the talking.

They spent five months developing our chocolates flavour and unique look before they sold our first chocolates in January 2016. Having no experience working with chocolate, they learnt everything through research and experimentation. Every Bonbonierre Giftmistake led to a discovery of a new way, a new taste or a new texture.

As a bonbonierre gift, you could pop 2 or 3 of these beautiful creations in a box and hand them out to guests as they leave. Make sure you don’t leave them sitting out in an overly heated room, or sitting in  the bride all day. Leave them at room temperature an hour before your guests get ready to leave. This will ensure they are a perfect texture for the car ride home!

Their range is simply exquisite and they come in packs so all the hard work is done for you. They even have a vegan range for those of your guests who have any dietary requirements.

Jason and Anya are delightful to work with and make sure the entire process is stress-free. Consider them for any of your party favour needs!

Contact the team on:

Email: hello@onlymine.com.au

Telephone: 0412 247 484Handmade Bonbonierre Gifts

Photos courtesy of Only Mine Instagram

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