The perfect dress for your body shape

So your engaged, congratulations! Now comes the all important question, what will you wear on your wedding day? You have checked instagram and brought all the latest bridal magazines, but your are still no closer to finding your dream gown. What is the best way to find the best dress for your body type. At Belle et Blanc we always recommend making an appointment with our expert bridal consultants who can help you find your dream gown and know how to assess your body type. As we always say, there is a dream gown for every bride, no matter what shape or size!

One easy way to limit your options is to know what style of gown you are after, a silhouette which highlights all your best assets and conceal any of your less favourable traits. To start, figure out which body type your are: Petite, plus size, busty, hourglass, lean or straight. Remember, you will not necessarily fit into one category entirely.

Along with finding the right gown, there are a few things that will make shopping for your wedding dress stress-free. First, trust your bridal consultant and the advice they give you, they really do have your best interest at heart and want to make you look your absolute best. If they make any suggestions about trying on bridal designer gowns your not sure about, or fall out of your comfort zone, just go for it, you never know it might end up being ‘the’ gown. Also shop with a supportive bride tribe, make sure they are your best gal pals and family who have your best interest at heart and aren’t inclined to make comments that are negative or even hurtful.

Now you have all the information, what are you waiting for, give our expert bridal consultants a call at Wedding Dress Shop in Melbourne, your dream gown is only one phone call away!

Below: ‘Regan’ This absolutely stunning gown features the luxurious satin fabric throughout. A stunning high neckline and princess skirt. A belt detail helps to create detail and focus on your waist



Petite brides should be careful not to overwhelm their small frame. Structured gowns work best and if you love ball gowns, have no fear, a dropped waist will create the illusion of a longer torso, enabling your petite frame to carry a vouminous ball gown. Sheaths continuous line creates the illusion of height, plus it super easy to hem. Also consider light beading and lighter laces, details which don’t overwhelm a petite figure.

Below: ‘Rika’ fit and flare gown, with a sweetheart neckline, a pleated bodice which enhances the bust area. The gown is fit and flare, therefore it elongates the silhouette & flatters your curves in all the right places, helping to create ‘imaginary’ shape for the petite bride.

              Rika' fit and flare gown       Rika' fit and flare gown


Whether you want to create the illusion of a smaller frame or celebrate your curves, we’ve got you covered.

Left : ‘Susan’ princess gown with sweetheart neckline and off the shoulder straps, a good choice for any bride concerned with her arms. Lace appliqué and beading in the skirt adds detail and the voluminous princess skirt helps the emphasise the smallest part of you, which is your waist and acts as a stand in for curvy hips.

Right : ‘Sandy’ princess gown, with its drop waist bodice helps to create an amazing elongated torso. Beautiful lace detail and beading throughout, and a stunning strapless sweetheart neckline to emphasise your décolletage and bust area and both of these gowns have the inbuilt corsetry which lets you avoid a strapless bra. Detachable straps can also be added to this gown. A voluminous  skirt acts as a stand in for curvy hips.

   Susan' princess gown ‘Sandy’ princess gown


If you have a bigger bust, you have two options, you can reveal or conceal. Either way finding the right gown will involve finding the right neckline.

Left : ‘Alexia’ Fit and Flare gown, hugs your curves and shows you off in all the right spots. The v-neck helps to minimise the bust line and creates extra support in the gown, for those who are wanting to avoid a strapless gown. The gown has amazing bead detail throughout and  there is also an option to add an overskirt, which will create more volume in the skirt.

Right: ‘Aria’ Fit and Flare gown, to hug you in all the right place and show off your amazing curves. The bust area is sweetheart neckline with lace overlay which helps to create modesty and a bateau mesh neckline which leaves just a hint of bare skin. The cap sleeves are a great way to balance out your bust.

                     ‘Alexia’ Fit and Flare gown Fit and Flare gown


Lean or straight-up-and-down shapes need help to create more of an illusion of the feminine curve in the body, which includes creating the illusion of curves around hips, bust and the waist. Your shape looks great in almost everything, you have the ability to flaunt or conceal as much as you feel comfortable with and balance is easily obtained like yin and yang with your figure.

Below  : ‘Larissa’ Fit and Flare will accentuate your statuesque frame. The illusion neckline detail on this gown, which leaves just a hint of bare skin, highlight a swan-like neck. The elongated train also helps to emphasise the curve in your hips and create more shape to your straight figure.

 ‘Larissa’ Fit and Flare     Fit and Flare


It’s amazing to think that fashion of years past (and if you’re a Kardashian), included corsets to create an hourglass silhouette.  Your hourglass figures are the envy of almost all women, but it doesn’t mean that dressing your figure is a snap—we know! No matter what features you want to flaunt or conceal.

Left: ‘Anika’ Fit and Flare gown, this gown has amazing structure throughout and the gown does an amazing job of holding you in all the right places. The waist you create in this gown is absolutely stunning, and the antique lace throughout is un-matchable. The v-neck line shows off the bust line and gives amazing support for those not wanting a strapless option.

Right : ‘Lauretta’ Fit and Flare, this gown has so much structure and support even though it’s strapless gown, a beautiful soft lace overlay with a peach underdone to compliment your skin. The style of gown is every hourglasses best friend because it absolutely showcases your curves. Fit-and-flare are three words you should get very familiar with. It’s a curvy girls go-to silhouette.

‘Anika’ Fit and Flare gown  ‘Lauretta’ Fit and Flare