Lace Wedding Dresses

Design Your Custom Lace Wedding Dress

The big day is around the corner, and it’s finally time to get the perfect lace wedding dress. When you shop at Belle et Blanc you get the best customer service as well as quality around. We help you every step of the way so that you never have to settle for less. From made to measure dresses to in-store alterations, we’re here to help.

Tips Regarding Simple Wedding Dresses

Take the design, and make it yours with fabric, jewellery, and length additions to turn it into the vision of excellence.

  • Accessories make all the difference: As with any outfit, what you wear with it can change the style of the dress. The same design can look completely different depending on whether you wear a veil or opt for a chic hat addition. Mix and match your favourite jewellery and veils until you find the best combination to make your simple wedding dresses pop with personality.
  • Bring your friends: Every step in the planning process is one to share. Not just because you want the extra opinions, but you likely need emotional support as well. Bring friends and loved ones to your consultation to help you feel more comfortable when choosing your unique wedding dress.
  • Ignore regular size conventions: Shopping for a wedding dress doesn’t mean the same sizes as elsewhere. Instead of focusing on a particular number, trust the bridal boutique staff to bring you the right fit. Another important consideration is to buy what feels right, not what you think you’ll fit into. Don’t purchase a small sizer in the hopes of losing weight before your wedding day. You’re beautiful at the size you are, and it’s best to embrace it.

Common Mistakes People Make With Unique Wedding Dresses

Don’t fall into the usual pitfalls of dress shopping. Avoid these mistakes for the best shopping experience.

  • Starting too late: Many people begin browsing dresses six months before the wedding. Six months gives you enough time to see many different cuts and styles before choosing the best unique wedding dress for you. The sooner you begin, the more time you have to make a comfortable choice, not a rushed decision.
  • Looking to please others: The most important opinion on this matter is your own. Don’t choose what will satisfy your mother in law, your childhood friend or even your partner. Search out and find the dress that makes you feel like the radiant queen you are. You want to look back at the photos and love what you wear, and women are at their most beautiful when they are comfortable in their clothing.
  • Choosing a sub-par store: Just because they have wedding dresses, doesn’t make them a confident retailer. It’s best to shop around and meet a store that can service all your needs, including alterations and accessories.

Why Choose Belle et Blanc

Your satisfaction is our highest priority. From choosing the dress to fitting it to you to finding the best accessory combinations, we’re here to help every step of the way. With made to order or pre-sized options, we have the best selection of simple wedding dresses from which to choose. Take a look at real brides to get a feel for our collection.