Latest in Wedding Dresses 2018 Trends

A Wedding dress is widely considered by most women to be ‘THE’ single most important garment they will ever wear. The pressure of finding a gown that conforms to your shape and personal sense of style without getting those silent stares of disapproval from your mum is just one more headache you don’t need; so to help get the search started, here are some of the season’s most popular trends:

Simple and elegant has stolen the show! With more and more brides-to-be preferring lighter, more relaxed dresses that gives a sense of luxury and comfort. Slim sheath style gowns that highlight your feminine silhouette and strong bodied dresses with a minimal flare are very popular at moment, with most dresses only focusing on only one or two main features.

Gone are the days of puffy cupcake dresses that made embracing your loved ones and using the bathroom decidedly more difficult and awkward. And if you want to make a statement with your choice of footwear, then mid-length is an option with many brides ditching the train for something a little less heavy.

Timeless features like lace still sit firmly in the lime-light and nothing quite captures the essence of class so beautifully. Most dresses we’ve seen include varying amounts, from trimming to full bodice, some wedding dresses even being intricately covered from top to toe in patterns that complement the shape and feel of the dress and others accenting them with floral like sequences.

Sleeves have re-emerged in full force with everything from eccentric bell flared sleeves and full-length lace sleeves and bows trending; an off the shoulder is also a strong option if you’re a fan of the relaxed type of beauty.

But sleeves are not the only thing we’ve seen designers play around with. New trends are seeing less of a traditional veil and train and more experimentation with elegant princess-style capes, airy capelets and even some stunning wedding jackets.