Little things that will WOW your wedding guests

Do you want your wedding to be the most talked about event of the year? We share our five top tips that will take your wedding to the next level and wow your guests!


You will not be the only one that will be in need of an emergency kit on the big day! In the bathrooms, make a goodie basket of things such as wet wipes to anticipate champagne spills and makeup smudges. Stock up on umbrellas in case of rain, sunscreen in case of summer heat and flip-flops (in your wedding colours of course!) for those with sore feet at the end of the night.

Clear Umbrellas as outdoor wedding favors. If it rains these will still look cute in pictures!


Everyone and their dog has a phone these days, and it will be inevitable that at some point during the wedding, guests will be on their phones. Create a unique wedding hashtag and make signs to let guests know to use it. You could event then project a stream of photos live as people upload photos with the hashtag. Whether it’s a silly bathroom selfie or a slow-mo video of your cake face smash, guests will be able to see and enjoy people’s highlights of the night, as they happen.

Hashtag Social Media Help Us Capture The Love - Rustic Wooden Wedding Sign


Whilst you may already be planning to have ushers to help guests to their seats, think about using reception ushers too. Emulate an upscale restaurant service experience with ushers showing guests to their seats.

So cute! Make your moms feel special by adding a "Reserved" sign to their chairs during your ceremony. Such a cute DIY detail, too!


Having a bar at cocktail hour or dessert where guests can customize their own bites or sips turns eating and drinking into a fun activity. Go simple with a bubbly bar before toast time, where guests can come up with their own twist on the standard Bellini or mimosa. Fun dishes such as fruit, lavender sprigs, fairy floss and flavored ice cubes can be spooned into glasses of bubbly and are practically guaranteed to make the toast that much more fun. Another idea we love? Have a pro on hand to lead them in the ins and outs of tasting beer, wine or whiskey!

summer wedding drink bar ideas /


To get guests’ input on a fun element of the wedding, like music, Use your RSVP cards or wedding website. The classic is to ask for song request write-ins on the response card. But you can take it a step further! Have the DJ only play guest requests for a half hour and do a shout-out to the guest or couple who submitted it. You could even have guests vote on your top tier flavor or signature cocktail. Everyone will love seeing details they helped choose at your wedding.

Song Request

All images sourced from Pinterest.

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