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There aren’t many moments in life as exciting as walking into a Melbourne wedding dress shop and beginning your search for the bridal gown of your dreams. At Belle et Blanc, we offer a beautiful selection of designer wedding gowns so that every bride can find one that suits her personality, her preferences, and her wedding.

Myths About Wedding Dresses in Melbourne

If you’re looking for a wedding dress boutique in Melbourne, you may be surprised to find out that some of what you believe about wedding dresses isn’t necessarily true. Here are some myths you can safely disregard as you search for your perfect gown.

  • A wedding dress must be white. You make the rules for your big day. Today’s bride may wear a snow-white dress, an off-white dress, a pink dress, a blue dress, a black dress, or any colour under the sun that she chooses. It’s your day, and you can express your personality and style however you want.
  • A DIY wedding dress is a good idea. In reality, probably not. Superstition says that a bride who sews her dress is destined for an unhappy marriage, but the real reason you should think twice about making your gown is that it adds a tremendous amount of stress to your wedding. Planning a wedding is hard enough as it is.
  • If it doesn’t fit, it wasn’t meant to be. That’s not necessarily so when it comes to wedding dresses. If you fall in love with a gown that doesn’t fit perfectly, the chances are good that it can be adjusted. Most brides go through several fittings anyway to ensure a flawless fit.

Tips Regarding Shopping for a Wedding Gown in Melbourne

You may have heard some of the popular tips for wedding dress shopping, such as bring along a friend or two to share their opinions and insights, researching dress styles ahead of time, and so on. However, here are some unexpected tips for finding the perfect dress that you may not have considered.

  • Think about what makes you feel confident. You’ll probably want to consider what looks good on your body type, but a dress that makes you feel confident and beautiful should be a higher priority. Think about your favourite items of clothing and what you love about them. You might be able to look for similar features in a gown.
  • Choose the right undergarments. Be prepared for your trip to your wedding dress store in Melbourne by wearing seamless underwear and a strapless bra in a nude shade, which will make it easier to try on a wide variety of styles.
  • Stop shopping after you buy. Buyer’s remorse most often happens when you can’t resist going into just one more store – after you’ve already picked out and paid for a dress. You chose your dress because you loved it and felt amazing in it – now stop shopping for a dress and focus on selecting accessories or planning other parts of your wedding.

About Belle et Blanc

At Belle et Blanc, we offer a wide range of wedding gowns and accessories for every bride. We handpick top-quality dresses to ensure that our customers get the most value for their money and that they leave thrilled with their choice. We offer in-house alterations for your convenience as well. Contact Belle et Blanc to book your appointment today.