On the day

Your wedding day is a day you will never forget. You will be the center of attention with photos being taken at every angle all day long.

Everything you have planned has been planned. At this stage, nothing can be changed.

Don’t stress over what is not going right. Make sure you have delegated a person to take charge.

The worse is to become bridezilla. PHOTOS will not look great! You will have a frown on your face. It’sthe happiest day of your life. You have done the best. So take a deep breath, sit down, have a sip, relax and enjoy everything else that is going right. No one is going to notice but you. What they will notice is that you are stressing over something little and not enjoying the day like you should.

SO brides, let loose, enjoy, and relax, it’s a day you will never forget and the most memorable of them all.

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