Things to Remember When Planning an Outdoor Wedding

There are many advantages to having a wedding outside! Whether you dream of a ceremony under the trees and a bright blue sky, or imagine your guests dancing the night away under the stars, it’s easy to understand why – because natural beauty is always the nicest backdrop. An outdoor ceremony and/or reception can be held at home; at a restaurant, reception venue or even a church with outdoor facilities. A natural spot such as a park or beach, is always a good idea and when it comes to decorating the venue, keeping decorations natural and simple is advisable. Wherever it’s held, there are special considerations that must be addressed as you plan. We have put a small list together of what to consider when planning an outdoor wedding.

Be weather-conscious:

Whatever the general climate, the weather on your wedding day may be unpredictable. But you can check with meteorological sources in your area about historical weather trends such as periods of high wind or frequent thunderstorms.

Outdoor Wedding Have a Plan B:

You might feel as if you’re planning two weddings, but you must have a fall-back plan. This will include an alternate indoor site and a plan to notify guests. (You can prepare “just in case” phone lists and provide these to attendants and family  members.) Be ready to make a quick decision as early as possible if the weather doesn’t cooperate.

Check on fees and permits:

For public areas, there may be fees and you may need special permits, so talk with appropriate authorities. Ask about any restrictions, such as bans on alcohol or if you are able to decorate the venue.

Think about access to the site:

Consider your suppliers and your guests. Caterers, florists, and other vendors will need access for their vehicles. Think about where the guests will park? If walking to the site is difficult, you’ll have to provide some form of transportation.  Also plan ways for your guests, particularly the elderly or disabled, to get around easily. If the site has uneven walking surfaces, installing temporary walkways or flooring might be necessary.

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