Paola & Matthew

Belle et Blanc Bride Paola shares her beautiful wedding story with us. Paola wears our ‘Bella II’ gown.

Bride & Groom:

Paola & Matthew

Wedding Date:

14th April 2018

Do you have a proposal story?:

Matt took me on a weekend away for my birthday to the Yarra Valley. We went to my favourite restaurant for dinner one night, and we had matching wines with every meal. As the sun was setting we decided we were going to have our dessert outside with a glass of champagne.

Matt said “why don’t we go for a walk through the field while we wait?!”.

I agreed, so with 5 inch stilettos on, (my heels getting stuck in the grass),  as we were walking Matt asked “Do you love me babe?”

I’m struggling to walk, happy from all the wine trying to coordinate my way through the field. “Yes babe”

Matt said “Do you think you could spend the rest of your life with me?”

Me starting to get annoyed that I was sinking into the grass “Yes of course I could” thinking to myself, where is he going with this and can we go back to the table now!!!!!

Matt  said “Marry me then?!”

I stopped in my tracks, turned around, and he was on one knee with a beautiful ring in box in his hands.

As I went to take a step towards him, to say YES!!!! My heels stuck deep in the grass, and I was so tipsy from the wine that I almost tripped I managed to lean on his shoulders to stop from falling and said

“THANK YOU!” Obviously I was brought up to be courteous. 

Matt “Ummmmm is that a yes?”


Ceremony Venue:

Flowerdale Estate

Reception Venue:

Flowerdale Estate

How did you come across Belle et Blanc Bridal Boutique?:

My wonderful maid of honour booked me an appointment!


Felicia Sarwono for Bouquets & Buttons /  Reception & Ceremony done by Bride, Bridesmaids and mums


Dreamlife Photography


Family took video for us


Felicia Sarwono

Make up:

Felicia Sarwono


Paola wore the ‘Bella II‘ Gown purchased from our boutique.

You can view our beautiful bridal gowns at our boutique, located at 480 Sydney Rd, Brunswick. Click here to view Belle et Blancs full range of gowns.