Personalised Wedding Gowns

In decades past a bride would have to make the tough choice between two very different, very unfair options when it came time to find her dream wedding dress; spending the better part of the wedding budget on a designer label custom dress or, a more affordable yet, inferior gown from any old rack at the bridal boutique.

But times are beginning to change and a revolution is underway within the wedding industry with more and more ‘Personalised wedding dress services’ are popping up like a knight on a white stead, delivering to brides all over the land exactly what their heart’s desire, gowns crafted with all the fine needlework and care of high-end labels without having to force the loving couple to end their guest list prematurely.

A number of home-grown, Australian labels have recognised the rather blatant gap in the market and have set about trying to remedy it by creating unique and fresh ways of running their business and satiating the needs of those wanting brides.

Nowadays, some of the first places a brides-to-be will go to start scoping out the dress of their dreams is, of course, social media. Pinterest, Instagram and the like are usually the first point of call for women seeking inspiration for the gown of their dreams, so it’s no wonder why personalised dress services have taken up a digital, e-commerce approach, allowing them to keep their costs lower.

Working in much the same way that you would shop for any other clothes online, many personalised dress services allow you to tick, un-tick, select and view many different options from, trains, veils, sleeves, and strap width, even colour. Many sites require that you enter your measurements or regular dress size so the dress can be made as close to perfect as it can be, and have it delivered within a few weeks of placing the order.

This made-to-order structure is not only very efficient in the kind of couture it offers but also environmentally, reducing the amount of waste the industry traditionally generates when stocking hundreds of dresses that never even get purchased and end up going to landfill.

With this level of innovation, there’s no wonder we’re likely to see this service become the trend in weddings far into the future. Every bride is unique and now she can have the dress to reflect it.