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Nowadays, invitations are no longer just a piece of paper that you post off to your nearest and dearest to let them know that you’re getting married. nowadays, invitation design and layout set the tone for your wedding. It should tie in with your theme and have a bit of you and your partner on the paper. With so many beautiful options out there, not only is it hard to choose, it’s important that you have an idea of what you would like it to look like. What would you like to stare at on your fridge for the next 6 months?

We’ve put together a list of our 6 favourite invitation themes for the wedding year so far:

  1. Native Flowers

  2. Native Flowers

While springtime is a popular time for weddings, and an easy natural theme to stick to, have you ever considered using some natives on your invites? Australia is home to some phenomenal flora, as is each country, so why. not show of some national pride? Our favourite way is using it as a border around the border of the bridegroom names. If you are of different nationalities, consider integrating a mix of flowers from each of your countries.

  1. Monogrammed

MonogrammedSometimes less is more. A simple display of your initials could serve as the front (or back) of your invitation that can later be framed or held onto as a keepsake for your loved ones. It can also be carried on as a theme for the rest of your wedding planning. Think name cards, bonbonniere labels and so much more!

  1. Dark backgroundDark background

Light font on a black background gives the invitation a bit more of an edgy look, as opposed to the classic and light layouts. White on black helps the writing and important information stand out so much more so that your guests don’t forget a single thing. Playing with these colours can be tricky, but by keeping it simple, you will ensure that your invitation is still classic and as timeless as ever.

Foil stamping

  1. Foil stamping

This one is relatively new but can bring your invite from lifeless to bursting with colours and textures. It is a process where metallic colours are pressed to the surface with heat causing it to adhere to the surface permanently. They can come in any colour from green to red, but most popular is usually gold or rose gold. If you’re not one for artwork or use of images, this is a great way to add something extra to your invitations.

  1. Exciting envelopes Exciting envelopes

Traditionally, this would be the first thing in the trash when you rip open your mail, but the envelope that your message comes in is almost as important as the message itself! Its soy say to carry on the theme from your invite to the front of your envelope so its the first thing your friends and family see when sorting through their weekly bills!

  1. Let the artwork speak for itself

If you’re one for beautiful paintings or drawings, you can’t go past a simple layout with minimal writing and a focus for some artwork. This makes your invitation seem like a beautiful painting rather than an page filled with words. Consider toning down your information, or put it on the flip side of the invite, and let the artwork really shine through!Beautiful Paintings or Drawings

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