Rachel & Travis

Bride & Groom: Travis & Rachel

Wedding Date: 16th September 2016

Do you have a Proposal Story?: 

Our proposal story is so beautiful to me. Trav and I have been dating for nearly 10 years, so I would always tease him that he wouldn’t be able to surprise me when the time came as I just know him too well. Wewere on holidays in Samoa just recently after purchasing our first home, so I definitely wasn’t expecting a ring after the expensive year we’d had! Trav had planned it to perfection – he got down on one knee, on Lalomanu beach – the most beautiful beach I’ve ever been to and asked me to marry him. This spot is extra special as it was in the village my Grandmother grew up in, and she is sadly no longer with us. We were on holidays with my parents as we were all experiencing my grandmother’s beautiful country together and my Mum bought the ring
over with her so that I didn’t find it in Trav’s bag. He kept it in the go-pro case and proposed on our second day of holidays. So, I had to make sure I didn’t lose the ring while over there swimming, snorkelling, hiking and sleeping in beach huts! Luckily, it fitted perfectly.


The Banquet Centre, Townsville, North Queensland

Wedding Theme: 

We didn’t really have a set theme but just wanted lots of fresh flowers and to keep it simple and elegant.

How did you come across Belle et Blanc Bridal Boutique?: 

I was luckily enough to stumble across Belle et Blanc online when I was madly rushing to find my perfect dress. I was due to be in Melbourne on holidays in a few days time, so booked in my bridal wear appointment.

I had searched everywhere in my hometown, but unfortunately I couldn’t find the exact style I had in mind. I was very lucky to find the most beautiful dress from Belle et Blanc on Sydney Road and the whole process was so simple! THANK YOU!!

Photos by: Amy Grace Photography

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