Rebecca and Anthony

Belle et Blanc Bride Rebecca shares her beautiful wedding story with us. Rebecca wears our ‘Sabba‘ customised gown.

Bride & Groom:

Rebecca & Anthony

Wedding Date:

14th July 2018

Ceremony Venue:

Elizabeth Lodge – Garden in front of the Gazebo

Reception Venue:

Elizabeth Lodge

Proposal story:

Our proposal story started when we went shopping for an engagement ring. I found the one instantly and Anthony told me not to commit and to have a look around, but nothing compared to that ring. We put a deposit down and ordered it that day.
Anthony picked up the ring and it sat in his draw until we left for holiday’s to the blue mountains when he sneakily slipped it into his case.

Anthony and I found this beautiful spot in the Blue Mountains called Pulpit Rock and we both said before we leave we would like to come back.
On our last day there we went back to Pulpit Rock we got to the furthest spot and I turned around to smile at him and tell him how beautiful it is and he was down on one knee with the box open in his hand!

It was the most beautiful and surreal moment!


DIY – bride


Lee and Lisa Liseman – Two Click Photography ‘The Wedding Stylist’


 We had a dear friend capture the ceremony and speeches


Lisa Liseman ‘The Wedding Stylist’

Make up:

Lisa Liseman ‘The Wedding Stylist’

How did you come across Belle et Blanc Bridal Boutique?:

I took my mum, bridesmaid and one of my friends down Sydney road, Belle et Blanc was our last store after visiting all the others and find nothing that I liked or really suited my sense of style. My friend pulled this huge dress of the rack and said try it on for the style, I actually said “no way! It is way too big!” She convinced me to try it on so I did and I just fell in love!

It was so beautifully fitted and had so much detail and love in it. There was only one problem, there was too much ivory and I wanted a pop of colour! So when I asked about changing the colour of the lining to burgundy and she said “we can do anything you want” and I was sold!
I walked out knowing I had found the one, the dress I was going to be wearing walking down the aisle to the love of my life!
On seeing the dress on my first fitting I was blown away by how amazing the dress was.

Thank you Belle et Blanc for making the whole experience just wonderfully exciting and easy!

Rebecca wore the ‘Sabba‘ Customised Gown purchased from our wedding dress shop.

You can view our beautiful gowns at our bridal shop, located at 480 Sydney Rd, Brunswick. Click here to view Belle et Blancs full range of gowns.