Suit Up

In the hustle of the wedding planning, couples can sometimes forget that it’s as important for the groom to look sharp standing next to his future partner.

The traditional black suit/white shirt ensemble has been a long time traditional favourite for the groom, it served as a safe yet classic option that tied in with almost any theme or colour palette. But it has since come a long way and now the groom has the option of hundreds, if not thousands, of combinations to make him look damn good on his wedding day.Institchu Wedding Suits Melbourne

In order to stand out from his accompanying groomsmen and guests, it’s a good idea to opt for a three-piece suit. The added waistcoat distinguishes him and adds an extra formal touch. Plus, there is also the advantage of a more structured fit even when the blazer comes off; giving the body a leaner silhouette.

Nowadays, instead of just selecting patterns and colours, grooms also have their choice of fabrics and materials. While it may not be the first thing your guests notice, it is probably the most important factor when it comes to body temperature control. Depending on the type of weather you are planning for, there is a variety of options:

Institchu Wedding Suits Melbourne

Hot weather: if you are planning for a summer wedding or know you will be direct sunlight for the majority of the day, a natural fabric like linen is a season favourite. Made from the flax plant, it is one of the most breathable fabrics on offer, and while it may be thought of as a more casual attire; opt to add a crisp white shirt and some cuff links for a bit more formality.

Cold weather: Flannel is well known for insulating body heat in wintery conditions, and is easily layered to your desire. While it may not be considered a traditional look due to its robust thickness and durability, cleaning up the look with a tie or lapel pin will polish off the ensemble making you feel a million bucks (and very warm!)

Somewhere in the middle: a safe option whatever the weather is a wool fabric. Most suits are made from wool blends which means they can easily be reused after your wedding for daily work attire. Good quality suits will be 100% wool or blended with cashmere for extra softness, on the other hand, wool can be blended with polyester for the grooms on a budget.  Although the term ‘wool’ might make you immediately think of a thick and heavy suit, the fabric is actually known for its breathable and moisture-wicking qualities, you just have to be smart about the weight you purchase.

Institchu Wedding Suits Melbourne

Lucky for you, our suit partners at Institchu are your one-stop-shop! They offer a variety of high-quality wool and cotton fabrics for your suit or shirt to be made out of.  They follow a simple philosophy of “Design. Wear. Share.”, that delivers a stress-free approach to finding your perfect suit. Direct access to their staff cuts out a middle man and gives the customer a luxury tailor-made suit or shirt without the high price tag.

Institchu Wedding Suits Melbourne

The staff at Institchu are international experts in the business who have worked with thousands of couples and over time, have learned a thing or two about winning combinations of colours and patterns. Be sure to contact them for a free tailored fitting and consultation today!

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Telephone: (03) 9600 3568

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Not far from them, is the bridal present on Sydney Road where the bride can do her wedding dress shopping. It’s important to have the overall theme of the bridegroom’s outfits tie in together, after all, you’re the most important people on the day!

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