Top 10 Honeymoon Destinations

Hey there newlyweds! Unsure of where to spend your honeymoon? Well, we have researched some of the most beautiful and romantic destinations around the world and narrowed them down to a list of 10 for a little bit of inspiration.

  1. Greece Why : The Greek islands are one of the most popular honeymoon destinations in the world.. And for good reason! Greece is known to have some of the most amazing beaches, along with history, food, nightlife, culture, beautiful people, and did I say food? If you can picture yourself relaxing at one of Santorini’s white villages perched on a cliff, looking over the sea whilst sipping on a Mojito, Greece may be the perfect honeymoon destination for you.
  2. Fiji Why: Fiji is known for its perfect all year-round weather with temperatures ranging from 26 to 30 degrees Celsius, making it the most perfect beach holiday destination. Key attractions include deep-sea diving with tiger sharks at Beqa Lagoon, kayaking in Navua River, snorkeling at Nananu-i-Ra, hiking along the Lavena Coastal Walk, and bathing under the Tavaro waterfalls just to name a few. White sand beaches, colourful landscapes, lava rock pools, and palm trees. Fiji makes for some of the most incredible views.
  3. Sri Lanka Why: This diverse tropical island is jam-packed with beautiful landscapes, luxurious accommodations as well as plenty of things to do! Known for its beauty, delicious cuisine, and an amazing variety of wildlife, there is no question that Sri Lanka is an incredible destination for a honeymoon.
    Sri Lanka
  4. Thailand Why: There are hundreds of breathtakingly beautiful islands in Thailand of all different shapes and sizes. One of the favourites being Koh Samui as it maintains a laid-back authentically Thai vibe. Bangkok the capital of Thailand has many street markets where you can stroll, shop, drink and enjoy exotic street food. The best time to visit this country is during the dry season from November to early April.
  5. Hawaii Why: If you’re into something a little more laid back, some of the best sightseeing is offered on the islands of Hawaii. Along with hidden waterfalls, sunrises, secret water holes, and private dinners on the beach, just to paint a picture for you. If you do choose Hawaii as your honeymoon destination, be sure to taste the Hawaiian beer, coffee, and dark chocolate. You will not regret it!
  6. Spain Why: Spain really is a fantastic place for a honeymoon, with its lush meadows, world-famous beaches, green valleys, snowy mountains and hills, Spain really does has it all. Along with the flamenco dances, the hot samba, and the delicious unending Sangrias.
  7. Maldives Why: With around 200 beautiful inhabited islands surrounding the Maldives, if this is not enough to tempt you, wait until you see the capital city of Malé. Malé is known to be amongst one of the most exotic places to visit in the Maldives for honeymooners. Explore the islands, relax with your loved one, receive a romantic massage, or go snorkeling with the dolphins, the Maldives is an exceptional location.
  8. Paris Why: I have never met any traveler who has not got Paris written down on their bucket list. This is not too surprising considering its classic and spectacular architecture and scenery. From river cruises, Museums, fine dining underneath the Eiffel Tower, and enjoying a hot latte and croissant at one of Paris’s hidden cafes with your other half, Paris will not disappoint.
  9. Bora Bora Why: Honeymooners often visit  Bora Bora for the luxurious overwater bungalows that extend like palm fronds over the lagoon. The glistening turquoise water is even prettier than it looks in photos. Tahiti lives up to one of the most beautiful places on earth.
    Bora Bora
  10. Rome Why: Known for its romantic restaurants, the capital city of Italy is a special place for newlyweds to come to enjoy the first few days/weeks of their married life. Witness Opera and ballet performances, Roman landmarks, or visit Trevi’s fountain. With history at every turn, it’s easy to get lost in the beauty of Rome and picture yourself in a different era. Who other to experience this exceptional country than with your loved ones on your honeymoon.
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