Vian and Sylvian

Belle et Blanc Bride Vian shares her beautiful wedding story with us. Vian wears our ‘Josie’ gown.

Bride & Groom:

Vian & Sylvain Emeric

Wedding Date:

28 October 2017

Proposal Story:

For Sylvain’s birthday, I gave him a novelty gift of an activity jar. Inside the jar I filled it with a whole bunch of activities we could do on a free weekend/date night ideas, etc.. We used it probably once or twice so I didn’t think too much of it when Sylvain suggested that when I get home from work, I could choose an activity. I remember the day so clearly, it was on the 26th of August, the weather was quite cold. I was worried that I would pick out an outdoor/summer-type activity. So then I closed my eyes and randomly chose an activity. Little did I know that Sylvain had rigged EVERYTHING and all the notes had said ‘Let’s get married baby!’ Until today, we still have that specific note hanging in our study.

Ceremony Venue:

Carousel on Albert Lake

Reception Venue:

Carousel on Albert Lake


Style Me Flowers


Fifteen Photography

Wedding Theme:

Modern, simple and fresh

How did you come across Belle et Blanc Bridal Boutique?:

After doing a lot of research online and via Instagram, I came across Belle et Blanc Boutique. You guys were the second store I had visited that day (and EVER). I knew what type of dress I wanted. But once I saw the dress and even though it was not what I envisioned, I couldn’t help but keep going back. That was a telltale sign that I had to try on the dress. Once it was on I knew it was the one. 

Vian wore the ‘Josie’ Gown purchased from our wedding dress shopYou can view our beautiful gowns at our bridal shop, located at 480 Sydney Rd, Brunswick. Click here to view Belle et Blancs full range of gowns.