Wedding Cake

How to choose your wedding cake? Make sure you have gathered photos of cakes that you love. Make sure it ties into the theme you choose.

Ask around before you choose your cake designer. Compare quotes given and see if they have taste testing available also.

So how do you choose? Ask your family and friends whom have recently got married. Get suggestions from your wedding venues, caterers, flower providers, etc. They generally have a list of suppliers they would recommend.

To narrow it down further, make sure you look at photos on websites and reviews from other brides.

Be sure to give the cake designer every detail of your wedding. This will give the designer a bigger picture of what you want. Ask for flavour options and options that you have.

Make sure everything is in writing. So that mistakes don’t happen. Make sure you have the date and venue all written out. Every detail is important.

You want to eliminate any possible mishaps that can happen on the day.

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