Wedding day tips for brides: 5 Things to do on your Wedding Day

The day has come; hair is ready, makeup’s on point, you’re gown is hanging from your bedroom window and sun is gleaming through the small opening of the blinds. You’re getting married! After all the dedicated time and intense preparation that has gone into planning your day; its finally here. And what a day its going to be! Before getting “wedding brain” don’t forget to do these on your special day:

1. Spend time with your new Husband

The day will flash in front of your eyes and the ultimate reason the day is celebrated is for the both of you! Ensure time is spent embracing in being husband and wife! You only marry your love one once so make sure you wriggle out of the chaos and perhaps sneak out for a couple of cheeky smooches!

2. EAT

So much is happening, you are the most popular in the room and everyone wants a piece of you; but don’t forget to eat and savour the night.  You have spent so much time selecting and picking out the perfect menu so make sure you enjoy the food as much as your guests do! No one likes a rumbling tummy.

3. Wear comfy shoes

You’ve been on you feet all day and the last thing you need is blisters by the end of the night. Ensure you bring a pair of comfy shoes to change into so that you can dance away till the night fades into day.

4. Emergency kit

Hey, anything can go wrong even on your wedding day! Need less to say don’t forget to prep a small emergency kit with bandaids, deodorants, sewing kit, water and snacks. I mean, a snickers or two couldn’t hurt!

5.Thanking your guests

Everyone is here to celebrate you and your new husband. What a lovely gesture it is to thank everyone for coming; just 30 seconds per guest is all you need! They will remember that small thank you forever!

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