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So… Your wedding is over, you’ve gotten back from your spectaular honeymoon and now you are left with the question “what do I do with my wedding dress?”
Firstly, you have to decide if your wedding gown is something you want to keep and treasure forever or is it something you are happy to part with? Either way, you should definitely get it dry cleaned. And the sooner the better!

When looking for a good dry cleaner, you should first ensure they clean wedding gowns. Secondly, it’s best to go with a dry cleaner who ONLY specialises in bridal wear, evening wear, bridesmaids dresses etc. Considering the money and time spent on your beautiful gown, it makes sense to have your gown cleaned professionally.
You don’t want to go with an ordinary dry cleaner only to realise they haven’t done a good job and you’re then having to get it fixed by another, spending more than you should have!

When choosing a professional dry cleaner, they can determine the kind of stain and how to remove them. They are knowledgeable on cleaning beaded delicates, silks, lace, trims, chiffon etc. When it comes to your wedding gown, there are many stains that cannot be treated in a traditional way as they may cause more damage to the fabric.
A professional dry cleaner will be able to determine which treatment should be used on a particular stain and will have a better chance in removing that stain, opposed to a general dry cleaner.

Benefits of choosing a professional dry cleaner who only specialises in wedding gowns is that they probably have an option to keep your gown looking clean and pristine for years to come. Here at Belle et Blanc Bridal Boutique, the dry cleaners that we use and trust, and also highly recommend to our clients is ‘Syndal’s bridal dry cleaning‘.
Syndal’s Bridal dry cleaners work closely with Australia’s leading designers & fabric house’s. This means they are constantly up to date with all the latest fabrics, laces, beads, & crystals used on many bridal gowns.

Syndal’s advises to have your wedding gown professionally preserved once having it professionally dry cleaned. Using a solid acid-free box is essential in preserving your gown correctly; complimented by using acid-free tissue. This is something that Syndal’s will be able to help you out with. Another popular way to preserve wedding gowns is in their preservation bags. The preservation bags are also acid-free; just like their boxes to deter discolouration from occurring.

Syndal’s has a dressmaker that comes and measures your gown, then makes a bag to suit. They have a full length zip so your gown is easily viewable.

Remember, you should only have to dry clean your wedding gown once! So make sure you do your research on finding the correct dry cleaner.

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