Wedding Hair : The Ultimate Guide


Finding a hair style to wear on your wedding day can be a stressful experience for many brides. Where do you start, as there are so many styles to chose from. From half-up half-downs to tousled curls and lows chignons. You definitely want to stay within the realms of your own persona style but ofcourse you want to look fabulous.

We have your top hair styles covered in our list “The Ultimate Guide”. All you need to do is scroll, and save your favourites and show them to your hairstylist



Tousled Low Updo

Low updo with curls and accessory

Long wavy curls pinned to one side with accessory

Low Updo in a bun


Low updo with side braid

Half Updo with Knot 

Low Pony Tail with Accessory

High Ponytail


Low Chignon