Wedding Veil in Melbourne

our Wedding Veil Provides the Finishing Touch to Your Dress

You’ve ordered your wedding dress. Now it’s time to decide on a wedding veil for the finishing touch. Belle et Blanc will help you choose the most appropriate veil to complement your gown. We are here to offer guidance in your decision.

When Buying a Bridal Veil, Consider This

Your wedding veil is an iconic accessory that is traditional or modern. You can even choose not to have a veil. Be sure to think of the following when selecting your style:

  • You want your veil to match the shade of your dress. An heirloom veil that your great-grandmother wore is not the right choice if your dress is bright white. Whether your dress is champagne, ivory, or traditional white, make sure your veil compliments rather than competes with the colour of your dress.
  • Choose a veil that matches the style of your dress. If your dress is elaborate, choose a simpler veil that won’t compete with the gown. Choose a short veil to show off beading at the back of the dress. With so many to choose from, we make it easy to find the best veil for you.
  • There isn’t a rule saying you must wear a veil. Brides with strapless dresses may want to wear nothing in their hair to keep the look as simple as possible. More and more brides are choosing to forego the veil for bridal combs or flowers in their hair.

It is your day. We will be there each step until you make a perfect choice.

What You Can Expect from Belle et Blanc regarding Bridal Accessories

The old saying, “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue,” doesn’t hold today. Build your accessories from a clean slate. Keep these things in mind, however, when you choose items to accentuate your dress:

  • You may want to look like a princess, or you may prefer a modern look. What is important is that your style is consistent. Choose a diamond tiara for a regal look, or a pillbox veil for a flirty look. What is important is that you feel authentic in your chosen look.
  • Jewellery can balance your choice of dress, veil, or headpiece. If you have a sweetheart neckline, then a matching necklace and earrings will complement it. Simple studs balance a tiara and veil. If your hair is pulled back without any adornments, then more elaborate earrings may add panache.
  • Have fun picking your shoes. Slip into satin pumps for comfort or three-inch heels for height. Since your shoes will not be a focus during the ceremony, you have leeway in the decision.

Why trust Belle et Blanc regarding Bridal Accessories

We are your trusted partner for the most important day of your life. Our professionalism and attention to detail translate to an experience unmatched in the industry. Since we focus on superior quality and feminine designs, you can rest knowing you look breathtaking. Our focus is that your dreams come true. Your dress and wedding accessories will complement your style. Visit us as you begin your wedding journey.