Horse & Carriage

Your wedding day is a day where you can go over the top. Your wearing a gorgeous gown so what else can you do to make yourself feel more like a princess – The magical moment of a horse and carriage ride.

Horse and carriage brings back the tradition of how people use to get around with the sounds of the clip clop from the hoofs. You can now enjoy a stroll down the park allowing you to travel in style and enjoy the moment.

How to make your wedding day more breathtaking:

1. Keep It A Secret

Try to keep the horse and carriage from your guests so as you exit the ceremony, the face on each guest’s looks will be priceless.

Or better not, why not keep this a secret from you newly husband or wife. The joy and excitement from them will be the beginnings of your new chapter together.

2. Photo Opportunity

This is the best chance for you to take professional photos with your photographer. Take advantage of it as you won’t have a chance to do this again especially with everyone in their wedding attire.

Wedding Horse Wedding Horse Carriage