Planning your wedding

Its not just another event, it is THE event so planning is crucial. Pinterest is a great idea for you to gather ideas for your wedding. But that’s not enough. We suggest you start a spreadsheet or even buy a wedding planning book. On online favourite is Easy Wedding Planning Tool. Easy to use and can be accessed at all times.

What is usually on the planning book?

Guest lists – Make sure you keep track of all your guests, those who you are inviting and the maybe list. Once you send out your invites and get response you can then start taking note on who you can invite from the maybe list also.

Vendor contact list – Make sure you have a contact list of everyone that is important on the day ie: photographer, make up and hair, flowers, cake, DJ, etc

Packing list – You need to make a list of things you want to bring to the venue and things you will be taking home. Make sure you write this all down and print it out and have someone check off each item to be taken to the venue and to be taken home from the venue.

Day of timeline – this is the most crucial of all. Make sure you plan everything out for the day. Time of hair and makeup, time of pick up to ceremony, photos taken, reception time, first dance, first course, etc

wedding planner

image by: Kikki