10 Must Have Photos On Your Wedding Day

All brides know you wedding photographs are one of the most important parts of your wedding. Your wedding day will go by in the blink of an eye, but your gorgeous wedding photographs will be cherished forever. Talented wedding photographers know the art to capturing your day perfectly, beyond the typical photographs, we have rounded up the 10 photographs you must take on your big day

1.  Getting Ready – These photos are effortless and casual and make for the most fun photo opportunities. Before all the glitz and glamour of the day, get some snapshots of the girls getting ready in their bathrooms and enjoy the start to the day.Getting Ready

      2.  Bouquet – Make sure your beautiful bouquet is on full display and captured in all its glory! Beautiful Bouquet

3. Invitation Suite with Wedding Ring – Your likely to save a few extra invitations but we think it’s worth capturing them in a photograph. The invitation suite tells the story of your day, so we love incorporating this detail in your day, and it’s a great chance to capture your wedding ring also.Invitation Suite with Wedding Ring

4. Shoes – They are a must have, you spent so much time looking for them, make sure you capture them.


5. Individual Photographs with your bride party – don’t forget to take theses individual photographs, it’s so important to remember who played a special part in your day & these images will be so important when you look back on your day. We love the idea of printing them out and sending them to each person as a thank you.

Individual Photographs with your bride party

6. The wedding venue empty – while you can’t wait to have the venue filled with all your friends and family, don’t forget to include a photograph of the venue empty so you remember all the hard work you put into designing all those important details

The wedding venue empty

7. The Cake – you spent all that time during over the wedding cake details, and before everyone tucks in and enjoys, make sure you get a photograph of the intact cake

Wedding Cake

8. Groom Portraits – The ladies seem to most of the attention on the day, but don’t forget to take portrait photographs of your husband to be

Groom Portraits

9. The Veil – It’s such an important addition to the gown, and the photographs of your veil will be some of your favouriteThe Veil

10. First Look – Capture that moment when your husband-to-be first lays his eyes on you, it’s such an emotional and beautiful moment

Emotional and Beautiful Moment