Hanh & Robert

Hanh and Robert tied the knot on February 24th, 2024. They had the ceremony at JFK Memorial and later had the reception at Q Events, a stunning new venue for weddings in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD.

The proposal definitely caught our bride Hanh by surprise while on a family trip to Vietnam. Hanh tells us, “We had our annual holiday planned and a quick trip to see family in Vietnam, where we scheduled a two day trip to the countryside. After a feast of a dinner, I had suggested we go on a walk to the gardens of Sa Dec, and pick up some bubble T at the end of our journey. What we didn’t realise was a ‘quick’ walk was actually 4km back and forth. The walk, was in fact quite a struggle in the heat and humidity. But we had made it to the gardens, Bubble T in hand, and Rob had suggested we keep walking deep into the garden. I had repeatedly refused, because we were both sweaty and damp from the walk and needed to walk home too. But he persisted, and in the most tranquil garden he had asked to make an honest woman out of me. In which I had refused out of sheer independence. After a few moments, ‘yes’ was my response. The ‘short’ walk home was even longer as I cried and heaved the whole way home.

Belle et Blanc bride ‘Hanh’ came into our bridal store and picked out the stunning Lina’ wedding dress, a gorgeous fit and flare gown with V-front neckline, beaded appliqué lace and an amazing lace detailed train. Hanh tells us, “I felt the most beautiful I have ever been in my wedding gown. Upon our visit to Belle et Blanc we were warmly received by Anna, my bridal consultant. She was so kind, gentle and really knowledgeable in the dresses, gave great advice and made the experience extremely special. When I had slipped on the dress I chose for the wedding, I was overwhelmed with emotion, tears were definitely shed because it felt like second skin. It felt like it was meant for me and spoke to my personality and what I had envisioned.” Alterations and customisation was really well thought out and executed. Donna & Rose spent a lot of time and were very accommodating with the multiple visits and communication. My veil with the small pearls and long train made it that more special. Thank you Belle et Blanc for your time, kind service, and overall experience.”

The wedding day for Hanh and Robert was such a wonderful day, accompanied by their nearest and dearest friends and family. Hanh tells us, “Some say wedding days can be chaotic as there are lots of moving parts and you could say that for ours. We had three events in the one day spanning multiple suburbs and over 300 plus guest and dozens of vendors. But for some reason, from the first light of day till the close of night, there was no panic, we were blessed with a cool 21 degree weather and clear skies. The entire day felt more peaceful than the days leading up to it. The nerves were of excitement and anticipation, as we got to see all our friends and family celebrating our union, it will be forever treasured. Emotions ran high from everyone we heard from, as they truly saw the love and magic that we rarely display in public. We both shed tears, and so did most. It’s hard to describe how we felt but if we had to choose some words it would be euphoric and unparalleled. The sheer memory of it is still overwhelming in the purest form. One thing I’ll always remember is our bonbons included chocolate and a year of the dragon designed scratchy, encased in a lucky red envelope. We had heard many won, and some won $500 dollars and some even more. We’re thrilled they found as much luck and fortune as we did.”

Our entire team of wedding dress designers, are so thankful to Hanh and Robert, and feel so honoured Hanh picked Belle et Blanc to be part of their day, and we absolutely love the photographs.