Leanne & Rhys

Leanne & Rhys said “I do” on 2nd of November 2019, they got married at St Therese’s Parish in Essendon where Leanne’s parents got married 30 years ago. The reception was held at the gorgeous Manor on High in Epping. 

Rhys planned his proposal to Leanne with the help of Leanne’s cousin. He planned a beautiful three course dinner at ‘Pure South Dining’ in Southbank in Melbourne. However Leanne was getting frustrated Rhys was constantly on his phone while they were having dinner. After dinner Rhys took Leanne for a walk along the beautiful Southbank promenade. As they stopped to take in the breathtaking city views, Rhys looked into Leanne’s eyes and said ” Baby, I love you so much” he continued to profess his love for Leanne and he described how she made him the happiest man in the world, Leanne started to cry and she immediately knew what was about to happen. Rhys got down on one knee and asked Leanne would she marry him, she of course said, “Yes!” Rhys also let her know the reason he had been on his phone during dinner was because he was texting her cousin who had been been photographing the newly engaged couple while he proposed. 

Leanne & Rhys had such an magical day and as Leanne tells us, their wedding day was “The happiest day of my life! I couldn’t be happier than wearing my dream gown, I felt like an absolute princess”.  Leanne & Rhys will forever remember their wedding day and they feel so honoured that they had the support of the most amazing friends and family who helped them celebrate their day.

Belle et Blanc ‘Leanne’ came into our bridal store and picked out the stunning ‘Colette’ bridal gown. We are so thankful to Leanne & Rhys, and  feel so blessed to be part of their day, and we absolutely love the photographs! 


Venue: St Therese’s Parish in Essendon/Manor on High in Epping

Photographer & Videographer:  Black Avenue Productions

Makeup & Hair : Bridal Gems/Ebony

Florist : Hailey Paige Flowers