Michelle & Clint

Michelle & Clint tied the knot on the 22nd October 2023 at the Brunswick Mess Hall, a stunning heritage-listed Masonic Hall where all your party dreams come true.

Michelle and Clint have known each other since she was 16 years old and Clint was 18 years old. Michelle’s first impression of Clint was instant, she tells us, “I don’t think I‘ll ever be able to communicate it properly, or explain it to someone else, but I instantly knew we’d have a big impact in each other’s life. I was immediately drawn to Clint. After being friends for 10 years, they realised that they were more than friends and were actually infatuated with each other and decide to take the next step.

Michelle shares with us how Clint proposed to her, on a romantic getaway. Michelle tells us, “We’d been together for 6 years when Clint took me on a holiday to Port Douglas. On the drive from Cairns to Port Douglas, we went on a hike to a secluded beach where Clint set up a camera for “photos” but really he was filming the whole proposal. He spent about 5 mins setting up the perfect shot and, in this time, two little girls came down onto the beach out of nowhere and stood playing exactly between me and the camera. Every time Clint would start to give up and walk towards me, they would run off, so Clint would sprint back and start the camera and start heading back to me and the girls would reappear; this happened about 5 times until they eventually left. After Clint proposed and the camera was rolling, these girls came back and completely unaware of the camera, started jumping around and dancing with Clint and I ‘freshly engaged’ hugging in the background. It’s all super cute and funny.The trip was such a special time in our lives and one I’ll never forget!”

Belle et Blanc bride ‘Michelle’ came into our bridal store and picked out the stunning ‘Addison’ wedding dress, a gorgeous fit and flare gown, with intricate pearl and sequin beading. Michelle tells us, “I was googling types of dresses and Belle et Blanc popped up. I saw the Addison dress and thought it was very unique and fun. I went into the store and tried it on and it felt fun! It was a glamorous, once in a lifetime wear kind of dress. I never wanted to wear something traditional and I wanted my wedding to a be a fun party with all of my people, and this dress not only felt like a fun party dress, but was glamour and made me feel amazing. The fitting process was great, my dress fitter Donna worked with me multiple times and did a great job when I got a little stressed at times! I had a quick turn around time on my alterations and I received my dress with plenty of time to go!”

The wedding day for Michelle and Clint was such a wonderful day, accompanied with their nearest and dearest friends and family, filled with memories they will cherish together. Michelle tells us, “On the 22nd of October I really did get to marry my best friend of 17 years and it was the most sure I’ve ever been of something in my life. It was the perfect laid back party vibe we were looking for. We had a vinyl DJ and 100 of our favourite people there”

Our entire team of wedding dress designers, are so thankful to Michelle and Clint, and feel so honoured Michelle picked Belle et Blanc to be part of their day, and we absolutely love the photographs.