Jacqueline & William

Jacqueline & William tied the knot on the 24th September 2022 at the stately Customs house in sunny Brisbane, a heritage listed wedding venue in Brisbane’s, known for magnificent riverside ceremonies and wedding receptions, with stunning architecture and spectacular views.

William had been meaning to propose to Jacqueline, but the long Covid lockdown in Melbourne meant there was no going out or making special plans for a dramatic wedding proposal story. William therefore decided to propose to Jacqueline at home, and it was still a very special and intimate moment for our couple.

Belle et Blanc bride ‘Jacqueline’ came into our bridal store and picked out the stunning Anika’ wedding dress, a gorgeous fit and flare gown, with intricate antique beading. Jacqueline tells us, “My younger sister was visiting me at the time and we walked into a few places together. I had an idea for the type of gown I thought I would like and many stores did not have something similar. When I walked into Belle et Blanc, I was invited to browse and to make an appointment for trying on any dresses that I found. Two appointments later, I had ordered the absolutely stunning Anika beaded gown, it was different from what I was originally looking for. I hadn’t left a lot of time to order my wedding gown, but the team at Belle et Blanc, including the seamstresses in the background, worked quickly between fitting appointments to get the dress in my size on time. I was very happy and impressed with the dedication of everyone to get my dress perfectly fitted.”

The wedding day for Jacqueline & William was such a wonderful day, accompanied with their nearest and dearest friends and family, filled with memories they will cherish together. Jacqueline tells us, “We were fortunate enough to have a beloved friend, a man I’ve known all my life, to be the MC at our wedding. He was the MC for my parents as well, so this was super wholesome. A core memory was to see my dad in a suit! It’s not something you see very often. We also did some things for our wedding that were not traditional, but worked really well for us and our day. My favourite of these was we were technically married a week before by a celebrant in Melbourne, but this was so we could ask Will’s younger sister who is 21 years old, to be the celebrant on the day. We felt that we wanted someone who really knew us to be the one to stand up and say the heartfelt words in front of all of our loved ones on the day. She received some training, including how to duck and roll out of the picture for our kiss photo, which you can see below in our photographs. But Joe, our photographer, was brilliant as he managed to take the “I do” kiss picture with her in the corner, showing the most wholesome shiny-eyes expression.” And another moment was looking into the crowd from the front, some with shiny eyes, and speaking in front of everyone I know and love and not being nervous, just happy and loved to have everyone there and to be standing up in front of them all with Will.  Many guests came from interstate, and some international, to be there. I was very touched for their attendence. Many people, especially our parents and siblings, dedicated a lot of time, organisation and money to make the event happen, for which I feel so loved grateful.” 

 Our entire team of wedding dress designers, are so thankful to Jacqueline & William, and feel so honoured Jacqueline picked Belle et Blanc to be part of their day, and we absolutely love the photographs. Jacqueline shares her appreciation for the entire Belle et Blanc team and tells us, “Thank you to the team at Belle et Blanc, and to my lovely consultant Donna. They took all of the intimidation out of Bridal dress shopping and I really looked forward to my appointments each time.”