Katrina & Matthew

Belle et Blanc Real Bride Katrina shares her beautiful wedding story with us. Katrina wears the ‘Hailey‘ gown.

Real Bride & Groom:

Katrina & Matthew

Wedding Date: 

12th November 2016

Do you have a Proposal Story?: 

Matt surprised me with a trip to Phillip Island one weekend. It was Saturday night and we went out for dinner at a nice fancy restaurant on the main street. After our meal, Matt suggested going for a walk down to the beach, but I wasn’t keen because I wanted to order dessert at the restaurant. He insisted we go before it got dark. I was a little annoyed at him because I so desperately wanted dessert and I didn’t understand what the rush was. It wasn’t until we were walking along the beach and he bent down and opened his backpack that I realised what he was doing. It was very romantic and sweet. Afterwards we went back and got dessert!!

Wedding Venue:

Stones of the Yarra Valley, Melbourne

Wedding Theme: 

We didn’t really have a theme. I loved the rustic style of the Chapel and Barn at Stones. The venue is amazing and speaks for itself, so choosing a theme wasn’t really necessary. I just wanted something simple so went with classic green foliage/white flowers which looked amazing in the Barn.

How did you come across Belle et Blanc Bridal Boutique?: 

I had planned to go wedding dress shopping with my mum and sisters on a Sunday, because that’s when we were all free. I had no idea that most Sydney Rd dress shops were closed on Sundays, but Belle et Blanc was one of the only ones open so I rang and made an appointment. When we first walked in, I thought its very small compared to the first shop we had been to that day and thought I wouldn’t find much here. But WOW!! The dresses were all so beautiful. I tried on a few and found the ‘Hailey’ gown, which I absolutely loved!! After trying on many more dresses (just to satisfy my curiosity) I was so sick of dress shopping and went back to try it on again, knowing it was the one. This time I took my mother in law along too and as soon as we walked in she pointed to ‘the dress’ and said “this one is beautiful”. It was meant to be!!



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